The Importance of Godly Relationship

Psalm 27:17 (ESV) “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Godly relationships are important so we can always have someone who can encourage, uplift and correct us. We need godly influences in our lives because the world is not going to do anything to help us. Sometimes we get tired and back slide in the things of God, when you have someone else who believes the same as you they won’t let you back slide. I have a few people who do encourage, uplift and correct me. I may not always liked being corrected but it’s always helpful because I may not see something that they do.

The bible tells us to have godly relationships. We are relational beings but it’s important

that those who are close to us are godly. Another reason why it’s important is because if you needed some spiritual guidance like whether or not you should go across the country. Or if you need prayer for healing then those are the people that you can count on and call on for help. With a godly relationship you have someone who challenges you to go deeper in God and to dive deeper into His word. To push you into the things of God and call out your anointings.

It’s important to have godly relationships because God wants us to have them. We all need someone who is going to back us up in Christ. We all need someone in our lives that is going to push us to cross that finish line so we can hear the words “Well done good and faithful servant. Come and enter into rest.”

Yvonne, 16 years old, has a desire to see God do great things too, through and for her, this generation and the ones to follow. She is a junior in high school and also participates in running start at Spokane Community College. She has aspirations to attend Howard University but is willing to wait on what God has for her. She recently started a job as a barista. She serves at her local church with the youth as a media relations person and is involved with bridging the gap with the youth and the church’s women’s ministry. She is the younger generations ministry coordinator. She has a heart to see others reach their potential in Christ as well as finding their identity in Him.

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